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Welcome to this webpage for the podcast "CAL Chat" - the show where we discuss our favorite Al-Anon and Alateen Conference Approved Literature and how it has improved our lives!

CAL Chat

Dec 14, 2016

In part 4 of 4 (of Episode 6), the conversation continues with Nancy about her favorite Alateen literature & how being an AMIAS (Al-Anon Member Involved In Alateen Service) is her way of giving back.  She explains the requirements to become an Alateen Group Sponsor & shares an innovative way an Alateen Group Representative used the words in the index of “Alateen—A Day At A Time” (B-10).  At the show's webpage I've attached a PDF document as *bonus content* that you can download to use the list of words.

B-10_Alateen-A Day At A Time B-26_Living Today in Alateen P-64_Alateen 4th Step Inventory  B-3_Alateen Hope For Children  B-23_Courage To Be Me  P-68_Alateen Talks Back on Acceptance  P-69_Alateen Talks Back on Serenity  P-70 Alateen Talks Back on Slogans  P-73_Alateen Talks Back on Detachment