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Welcome to this webpage for the podcast "CAL Chat" - the show where we discuss our favorite Al-Anon and Alateen Conference Approved Literature and how it has improved our lives!

CAL Chat

Jan 18, 2017

In part 3 of 5 (of Episode 7) find out what two words I discovered are inter-related after creating an index for “Reaching For Personal Freedom” (P-92).  Mark talks about how he used to be before he came in the program & explores what I call a “big ticket item!”

Tarcila F.
over two years ago

Thank you so much for the index for Reaching for Personal Freedom! I am going to share about the podcast and the index with the list of words that appear more than 3 times per step. I am going to share about this, and a few other ideas I have heard on the various podcasts in my Delegate's report. I love the podcast! Thanks